0,00 € bez DPH

Surely you have noticed that we all have a huge problem with fuel prices. In the last few days has the price increased by 0.50 € / Liter and unfortunately it is not over yet.

That's why we have to charge diesel surcharges, as follows:

Basic fuel price is 1.15 € / liter  (netto)

Each € 0.10 over the basic fuel price = surcharge of 3% (€0.20 = 6% etc.) on a weekly basis as the average of a 4 petrol stations where we mostly fill up.

Fuel surcharge will be always communicated on Monday and will remain valid from Monday morning to Saturday evening (or on request of course).

For example:

Prices on Monday 07.03.2022 averaged 1.465 €  minus 1.15 € basic fuel price = 0.315 divided by 0.10 = 3 x 3% = 9% fuel surcharge.

Here you can find the prices by ONO CZ,and here are the prices of fuel in Austria.

Thank you for your understanding, we are all on the same boat...

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