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We are an international transport and forwarding company. Since 2009 we take care of transport services for our customers. We specialize in high- capacity transports of goods with Combi Trucks - Road trains.

We offer:

  • Full truck service, up to 38 pallets - 15,4 m of lenght and 3m internal hight
  • Partial shipments of goods from 1 pallet
  • High capacity transports up to 120 m3 
  • Consulting in EU transports
  • Storage area for short-term storage of goods. near the D1 and D2 highways, in guarded areas 
  • EUR pallets management, 
  • Sale of plastic pallets
  • Flexibility, reliability
  • Modern technological solutions - Telematics, Webdispecink, Android devices in all trucks

Don't hesitate to contact us with a price request. We look forward to your orders and we are fully at your disposal !

Team Masek Transports

You can see our fleet HERE

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